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Big shouts to Those Chosen – a breath of fresh new hip hop

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click to visit URB Digital

This month’s URB Magazine includes a great shout out to Those Chosen, a fresh trio makin’ a new kind of noise and gettin’ some positive press.

Happy to see some fresh, new voices in hip hop!

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URB is one of North America’s longest running and most trusted independent music publications, covering emergent music and the lifestyles that surround it. Launched on the principle that what is occurring beneath the surface and outside the range of mainstream eyes and ears was worth celebrating and documenting!

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    People say that rap is a dead form. I tend to believe different, I believe it’s just evolving, and staying current. Prime example is what we’ve been doing over here… Check out Kryptik – V.I.P ft. Crooked I. Just google it, I don’t wanna spam a link. against night

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