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Charlie Sheen says Amy Winehouse is Winning

Charlie Sheen is the most popular person on earth these days because he is winning.

The actor, who has attracted attention in recent weeks for a series of super cool interviews, said he admired the star.

“Amy Winehouse was pretty radical. She was partying Charlie Sheen winning style,” he said in a new interview with The Sun.

“Didn’t she win 90 Grammys the night she was banned? That was like, wow. F*ck you. That was huge.”

Charlie Sheen went on to claim that the only mistake Amy Winehouse made during her public troubles was to leave the house without sunglasses.

“She should have gone out at night with her shades, not on but in her pocket,” he said. “You do not leave the house without your shades. Then you are prepared for anything.”


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